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AD Landscapes Ltd. is a firm of garden designers Kent. As their name implies, they specialise in landscape gardening and garden redesign. They have years of experience in creating dream gardens, mostly in the areas of Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Orpington and Bromley. However, they do work across Kent and have also completed garden projects in London, Sussex, Surrey and Essex. We asked them for their advice to our readers on how to design your ideal outdoor space:

  1. What do you want from your garden?

Decide what you want to get from your garden. Are you looking for a place to entertain? Do you want space to play with your children? Would you like to grow your own vegetables? Make a list of everything you want from your garden then order it in terms of priority.

  1. Allocate space

Allocate space within the garden for each of your wants. Draw your garden outline, label and mark up each area. Want an entertaining area? Consider allocating space in a sunny spot close to the kitchen. Want space to reflect? Consider allocating a small area in a quiet spot of the garden. Remember to include any existing outbuildings into the drawings and also consider any existing garden features such as slopes or pathways.

  1. Design

Think about how to make the most of each area. Perhaps add furniture to the drawing: a bench in your reflection area, a raised vegetable patch for self-sustainability, dining furniture in the entertaining area. You could add a BBQ and a bar to the drawings if you fancy that. A garden redesign also offers the opportunity to consider more unusual features such as a pergola walkway, swinging seats, treehouse, sunken trampoline, etc.

Be realistic about how much time you will have in which to complete your garden design project as well as your budget. Think about how much time you will have to maintain your garden and keep things simple if need be. Top tip: a geometric shaped lawn framed on all sides will be easy to mow and keep looking neat & tidy.

  1. Get creative

Arguably the most fun stage of garden design planning. Get creative and think about all the senses and how to stimulate them through your garden design. Think about colour, scents, texture, height, sounds, etc. Channel these into your allocated areas. For example, you may wish to plant lavender in your quiet area as this produces a relaxing fragrance.

  1. Implementation

As a firm of garden designers in Kent, AD Landscapes is well placed to implement your plans for a dream garden or can help you draft your plans if you’re not sure what you’d like. Whether you know exactly what you want or need a professional landscaping company to help you envision your perfect outside space, they can help. Visit – if you’re not in the Kent area, search for a reputable garden designer near you or give it a go yourself. Be aware that any major landscaping work will typically require a team of people and specialist machinery and equipment. Always be sure you know what you’re doing and take proper health and safety precautions. Good luck with your dream garden project!

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