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Benefits of modern exterior house designs

If you’ve ever walked past a residence and found yourself charmed, you’ll understand the power of architecture.

Beauty isn’t skin deep, it’s true, but certain spaces will catch your eye, pull you in and pander to your senses.

Such is the magic of exterior design – the main element principles that guide an outdoors project to make it appealing, practical, comforting and sustainable.

So many people take this for granted – leaving no stone unturned as it pertains to perfecting the inside of their home, and then neglect their yard simply by planting a tree or two and calling it every day.

This is a major mistake, considering that folks spot the exterior from the outset. You really know what they say – first impressions last!

What is exterior design?
Exterior design is the art of fabricating a seamless, practical and aesthetically pleasing layout around a building.

It covers outdoor living areas, such as your garden, deck and pool – as well as the surface facade of your property (features like paint, panels, lights and roof materials).

You must have a solid knowledge of structural engineering, before getting into modern exterior house designs.

That is no easy task. Architects look at a amount of factors, when crafting the perfect outdoors space that meets your needs:

– Matching the style you’ve chosen for the interior of your home

– How you want to use the area – do you have children who need playing room? Are you considering entertaining guests?

– Your surrounding environment: what’s the weather like? What materials are suitable to the elements? What natural features is it possible to benefit from? Any kind of pests that need to be kept away?

– Local council regulations that determine the height and boundaries of your premises.

The character of your neighbourhood – how to bring your vision alive, while honouring the city style (when there is one) as well as your neighbours’ to privacy and views.

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The key benefits associated with modern exterior house designs:
A well-designed space boosts your health and wellbeing
Certain spaces work wonders for our health, because of the careful way they’ve been designed. Humans are instinctively attracted to environments with particular qualities. The Danish even have a word for it – hygge – which is focused on creating spaces that nourish feelings of warmth, belonging and joy.

Retreating with an outdoors area that you love is one way to boost your daily life quality!

Lift the worthiness of your home
A lot of people appreciate homes that look good AND create a sense of comfort. Humans are highly visual creatures and we often make snap decisions after a single glance. If you anticipate selling or renting your home in the foreseeable future, it’s in your very best interest to generate an eye-catching space that promotes harmony, luxury and practicality. The outside area is the first space that folks see, it leaves a lasting impression so it’s essential to understand this right when building or renovating.

Less maintenance required
A professional designer pairs quality building materials with complex technique, reducing the necessity for maintenance later down the track. This saves you time and money, as your property is protected from damage that is included with the elements or common pests. For instance, protected wood withstands water damage and mold and specialised staining jobs guard areas that are vulnerable to termites.

Cut costs on power bills AND help the surroundings
Contrary to popular belief, landscaping can help warm your home in the summer and keep it cool in the winter – saving cash on energy bills. How exactly does this work? There’s the evident – planting trees outdoors boosts shade and cools down your home. Perhaps more surprisingly, certain building materials contain cooling and warming properties. For instance, white roofs could reflect 75 % of sunlight away from buildings, leading to cooler interior temperatures.

Boost harmony with your neighbours
No doubt your neighbours don’t want to cop an eyeful of you sunbathing in your private courtyard, which isn’t so hidden in the end. Architects can design your outdoors space to maximise privacy and security (for everybody involved). In addition they ensure that your house doesn’t stand out such as a sore thumb on your street, while honouring your individuality.

Playoust Churcher has perfected exterior design and spaces
Our architects deliver unique and modern exterior spaces that delight and surprise our clients in the perfect way. We work closely with you to carefully turn your dream into possible.

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