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Things to Know about Maadi and Find Affordable Place Rent in Maadi

In Maadi, there are several great places to dine like the System. As the name areas, it is a system presenting lots of the preferred cafes and restaurant branches of Cairo focusing on coffee homes, Italian food, and Middle Eastern cuisines. Many love The System due to its location on the Nile, using its waterfront sitting.

Maadi is filled with greenery and will be offering many outdoor activities, a significant attraction to the region. Wadi Degla sports activities golf club is a famous sports activities golf club in Maadi, a perfect place for family members to enjoy activities and the outside. There’s also the Wadi Degla Protectorate, an enormous canyon park, to take pleasure from outdoor activities such as walking, bicycling, camping or dog walking. Absolutely ideal for amazing picture taking considering there are breathtaking sceneries, especially at sunset. Maadi as an affluent area, it doesn’t flunk on prestigious colleges. Some options for private, international education are Lycee Francais Du Caire, Victoria University College, and Maadi Uk International School. If you wish to get the best out of life in the center of Cairo while indulging yourself with original activities keeping the silent private life, then Maadi is certainly the area for you. Maadi’s residents build their own community with the assistance encircling them that they do not have to escape it. Among the strongest areas in Maadi is the expat’s community, including a great deal of different ethnicities and races. Maadi is situated south of Cairo on the east loan company of the Nile, 12 Kilometres from downtown Cairo and 20 Kilometres from New Cairo. For more detail please visit, Rent in Maadi.

Why residing in Maadi is a distinctive experience

  • Just about everywhere is Green, calm & relaxed!
  • No traffic sound.
  • Sailing Felucca experience.
  • Stores buying Vinyl fabric records.
  • Walk-friendly areas.
  • The place is multicultural with different races.
  • All types of meats including bacon, ham, and pork are offered for expats residing in Maadi.

Most popular places in Maadi

  • Wadi Degla Protected Area
  • Grand Mall
  • Carrefour Maadi
  • Bandar Shopping mall (Indoor activities and cinemas)
  • Family Land
  • Maadi: the “self-sufficient” area
  • In the calm suburban residency, you’ll have all the assistance you’re looking for right nearby.

Transport in Maadi:

Typically the most popular means of transport in Maadi is the Metro range as it offers 3 halts in Maadi:

  • Hadayek El Maadi
  • Maadi
  • Thakanat El Maadi

Popular Maadi roads to reside in:

Maadi is divided to 3 main areas: Old Maadi, Zahraa Maadi and New Maadi that Old Maadi is the most luxurious.

Degla Maadi and Sarayat El Maadi will be the areas keeping the most expat neighborhoods being that they are the least thick areas in the region, while New Maadi requires a lot of shops and restaurants representing the cultural bustling part of Maadi.

Sarayat El Maadi is the oldest part in still preserving its maximum prestige, luxury and Maadi. This area starts from Interface Said road to the railroad paths. Degla lies between your songs & the Autostrad which links Maadi’s residents to Downtown and Lasilky road links Degla to New Maadi.

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