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Kohler Home Backup Generator will Save You Money in the Long Run

Kohler makes home back-up generators with the same progressive nature that first provided Auto Power & Light Generators to rural homes and farms in the 1920s. Today, Kohler Home Backup Generators keep family members safe and sound while safeguarding homes and property with reliable back-up power you can depend on.

Kohler Power Systems designers and builds home standby generators to provide high quality power, outstanding dependability, and powerful performance. Depend on a Kohler Generator to provide your house with power throughout any outage.

The Kohler Advantage

  • High Quality Power: Advanced voltage and regularity regulation in conjunction with ultra-low harmonic distortion lead to excellent power quality for delicate electronics and challenging loads.
  • Extraordinary Dependability: Kohler’s Generators are popular for their outstanding dependability and performance plus they back that guarantee with a 5- Calendar year, 2000-hour warranty.
  • Powerful Performance: Powerboost™ Technology supplies the additional power necessary for starting heavy motors such as ac units while working under load.

Kohler Home Backup Generators

Kohler designs home backup generators for easy set up. It begins with an included polymer bottom that eliminates the necessity for a cement pad which reduces set up time and reduces set up costs. No stub-ups necessary for fuel and electric cable connections. Wiring and gasoline lines get into through the cupboard enclosure and lots connection terminal stop simplifies field wiring. The locking, hinged roofing makes gain access to easy and stops unauthorized access.

Standby generators by Kohler meet emission rules established by the united states Environmental Protection Company (EPA) and the California Air Reference Plank (CARB) for both LPG (Propane) and NG ( GAS ) procedure. UL2200/cUL detailed and approved for fixed standby applications with a trusted utility source as the principal way to obtain power.

Kohler Home Backup Features

  • Kohler utilizes a skewed, revolving field alternator for exceptional power quality that reduces harmonic distortion and responds to changing lots. No-load to full-load changeover results in under 5% distortion and an excellent voltage waveform.
  • The digital voltage regulator keeps the voltage level to within 1 percent. The digital governor provides stable state frequency rules within 0. 5 percent and isochronous no-load to full-load changeover (no droop).
  • Combined with an automated transfer change (ATS) the Kohler Home Back-up Generator is a completely automatic, completely installed machine. It immediately senses a power outage and begins within seconds. Occasions from then on, the ATS switches the house onto generator power. The generator can run for times or weeks before energy restore power.
  • Kohler’s Order Pro Engine can be an air-cooled V-twin, over head valve engine with hydraulic lifters that get rid of the dependence on regular valve modification or a break-in period. It easily changes between gas and propane during installation. The Order Pro includes a completely pressurized lubrication system and built-in cooling device for prolonged run times.
  • Set up requirements make the generator perfect for home neighborhoods. A corrosion evidence cupboard with a modern, contoured form easily fits into the home’s landscaping design and installs as close as 18 in. out of your home. Quiet procedure with sound levels comparable to central air conditioning equipment won’t disturb your neighbours.

· Kohler Home Backup Generators use the DC2 digital controller with LED indications, an LCD screen, and four-button interface. An included ethernet interface allows link with the optional On Cue software for remote control monitoring and generator control.

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