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How to save money with Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in Los Angeles

Your kitchen may be your home’s most popular room, but that doesn’t mean it’s the most loved. Constant foot traffic means outdated features are always visible, begging to be replaced. But is it possible to afford it?


If you’re helpful and don’t mind investing in some sweat equity, determine the pieces of the job that can be done yourself. Save the hard parts for the professionals, but find out which areas don’t require specialized expertise.

For instance, one of easy and simple projects you can certainly do is demolition. So long as you hold the right tools and avoid plumbing and electric, you almost can’t fail here. The demo can include removing the cabinets or flooring. Another simple task (for a few) is to do the painting by the end of the work.

Some DIYers are even in a position to install the cabinets, flooring or even the backsplash (especially if you select a meshed mosaic tile). Do what you are feeling more comfortable with – meaning you can certainly do the work well and relatively quickly.


Your kitchen cabinets are usually the priciest area of the whole project, so if you can save here, it can have a significant impact on your finances. Below are a few ways to save lots of on cabinets:

Choose stock cabinets rather than custom. They can be much less expensive.

Consider some open shelving for the top cabinets. They can be less costly, make your room look larger and put in a nice bit of farmhouse style to your kitchen.

Install the cabinets yourself. Even consider buying Ready To Assemble cabinets because they are also less costly.

Better yet, if you can avoid replacing the cabinets, it’ll save you big money and time. Instead, paint the cabinets and replace the hardware. Have a look at this article to understand how to paint your cabinets the proper way (even if you have a professional undertake it) which article on the getting the most stylish hardware for kitchens.


If you curently have solid hardwood flooring, just sand and refinish them, rather than replace them. Doing this will probably save you around 70-80% on the flooring part of the budget.

The two most popular and upscale types of flooring for kitchens are hardwood and tile. They are both great options, and you could check out the pros and cons of hardwood floors vs. tiling. What most homeowners don’t realize is the fact the costs for these will differ not only based after your geographical area but also the sort of sub-floor you have.

Generally, in colder/moderate climates (e.g., Northeast, Mid Atlantic, Mid West, Pacific Northwest), hardwood will be less expensive as the main floor usually has a plywood sub-floor.

And then for homes in warm climates (e.g., Southeast, South Central, Southwest), tile will be less costly as homes are usually built on slabs.

If you want to find a far more practical and great value product, browse the engineered luxury vinyl planks. These products are relatively new and also have rapidly grown in popularity. They appear to be wood, nonetheless they are waterproof. They’re less expensive, and they’re not at all hard for a Do-it-Yourselfer to set up.


This is one common mistake I see, and it can cost time and money on your project. And, a whole lot worse, it may limit your alternatives, especially as it comes to your flooring choices.

Generally, you first demo everything down to the floor and then you build it back up…from the flooring up. Which means you install your flooring, then you cabinets, then countertop, then backsplash and lastly molding and painting?

While you skip steps, things don’t turn out as well, and they need to be redone. That costs extra cash and further time.

The trouble with this is the fact often there is insufficient room for hardwood floors (that happen to be 3/4″ thick) or tile for example (which comes out to an identical height when you factor is a mud job or backer board.

The thing is this makes the cabinets too low. So the new flooring creates a weird height difference and makes the cabinets look and feel too low. Worse than this, the dishwasher won’t fit (or are certain to get locked in). Plus the stove becomes higher than the countertop.

Plan ahead. If you’re going to get this done, add 3/4″ plywood within the cabinets so that everything will be properly aligned when you add the flooring.


Always get various estimates from contractors (and estimates for different materials). This may enable someone to see a range of prices and negotiate. Ask the contractors lots of questions (e.g., what sort of materials so they recommend and why? How long does it take? How do we keep your charges down without sacrificing quality? What exactly are the most substantial price drivers? Just how much would it save if we don’t do XYZ? Where are the potential places that the project can run over in cost and timing?

Check their reviews and have your friends, neighbors (check some of the neighborhood Facebook groups) and have other contractors (or real estate agents) who they recommend.

Ask kitchen remodeling contractors los angeles if there are any discounts at differing times of the year. Usually, contractors are less busier through the winter, so they could provide a 10-20% discount should you the task then.


Many don’t recognize that they can get some good excellent discounts on paint just by going for a few easy steps if you buy from Sherwin Williams. Below are a few easy ways to save lots of on paint:

Sign up for Sherwin William’s email list and Paint Perks program. They will tell you when sales are coming up, and they are usually a 30-40% discount. Plan and buy ahead for the discount. You could choose the colour and grab the cans later when it’s high time. Their Paint Perks program will also get you $10 off your purchase that is $50 or more.

In terms of paint lines, we prefer, when possible, to buy Sherwin Williams’ Duration line. It comes out better and smoother than their more costly Emerald line. If you want a value-priced paint that is good quality and lower-priced, enquire about their Promar 200 line. Most homeowners don’t find out about this as it’s a particular line for contractors to allow them to charge a premium with their customers. Great value.

Utilize the same paint color in multiple rooms. It creates your home look more upscale and makes your home look larger. And, it’ll save money as you won’t have to buy as much gallons of paint.

If you’re painting a lot of ceilings, buy the 5-gallon buckets of ceiling paint to save lots of some money.

Use a tinted primer. Doing this can save you one coat of paint.

Ask about their “Oops” paint. That is when people return extra paint that they didn’t use. They sell this at a significant discount. Sometimes you get lucky, and you like the colors they have available.

Sherwin Williams has a military discount, too.


Many people don’t realize how much moving plumbing or gas lines cost. Not merely is plumbing expensive, but moving appliances involves tearing up portions of the wall, and you will need to re-sheetrock afterward. Should your appliance positions are “sufficient” where they are, I’d encourage anyone to leave them there.

Upgrade the appliances for certain (especially as many tend to be energy-efficient and can save you money over a going basis). Pro tip: Ask your contractor if indeed they own an account/contractor discount at one of the applying stores. You might just save a major chunk of change.


Research your options and map out your kitchen remodel before you start. This can help make sure you make the best selections and have the best value for your money. It will also make the project go smoother and faster.

And get in with your eyes open. Expect some surprises…they more often than not happen in kitchen remodels. If you arrange for these (with a contingency budget of 10-20%) and expect the job to take a bit longer (e.g., +25%), you will remove a lot of stress.

Kitchen remodels are such as a breath of fresh air after they are finished. It feels like you moved to a fresh home.

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