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City’s Choice Comfort Air: Furnace Filter Secrets

City’s Choice Comfort Air is one of the top HVAC companies in the Greater Toronto Area and today they’re sharing their top furnace filter secrets with us.

A representative at City’s Choice says furnaces are important because they provide heating, cooling and airflow throughout a household.

To make sure your furnace continues to run as it should, you should make sure it’s clean.

Here’s what you need to know about furnace filters!

The advice in this article is provided courtesy of the City’s Choice:

The functionality of your furnace is a top priority. To ensure optimum functionality, make sure your furnace is clean.

A dirty or clogged furnace can restrict airflow, cause overheating, and cause unnecessary damage to the heat exchanger over time.

Furnace filters are also important for healthy breathing because they trap dirt, pollen, pet dander and more.

To maintain top air quality in your home, make sure you clean the furnace as often as possible or when you notice it gets dirty.

Important note: Look for the filter rating or MERV (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) Rating. For residential homes, a good MERV rating for your filter to have is MERV 8.

Another thing to consider is the energy usage of your furnace, because if your unit has to work harder, you’ll use more energy.

You should aim to use less energy, not more – having a clean furnace will maximize the energy efficiency of your furnace.

If a furnace is not changed on a regular basis, it will reflect on your energy bills.

Lastly, make sure you get the best filter for your home.

There are sites online selling furnace filters, but you may want to consult a professional or try to get your furnace sized in person to ensure the perfect fit.

Many customers get incorrectly sized furnace filters and don’t pay attention to the MERV rating.

Remember, the air you and your family breathe is important.

For more information on the HVAC industry, furnace filters and more: visit www.cityschoice.ca

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